I’ve always loved science. I’m a person who gets really excited by new and innovative scientific developments. A person who loves biology and chemistry and all that it entails. But it’s not just my love of quality that which has defined my career path. I enjoy being busy. I like to be at the forefront of making things happen and I like variety.

I’ve had quite a varied career path: from my degree, to working in the industry, to having my daughter, going into teaching and realising how much I missed working in industry, and returning to the world of pharmaceuticals. Since then, I’ve had my fair share of experience working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

I’m proud to be a quality professional through and through. It really is just who I am. I enjoy getting involved in the detail. Patient safety is hugely important to me. That’s what drove my ambition to become a QP. So, two years ago, I started my training towards meeting that goal and now I’m almost there.

On my journey to becoming a QP, I decided that to be the best I could be, I needed to do something different and be exposed to different projects and products. I knew of a trusted consultant who I was certain could match me to the kind of job that fits me.

If I’m completely honest, I knew from my first interview at Quality Context that the role was right for me and, after a very positive recruitment process, I was subsequently offered the position.

It was a pleasant surprise that, while working my three months’ notice, in October, I was invited to Quality Context’s annual training conference. It was a lovely touch-point and gave me the opportunity to meet the wider team before I started. The event was excellent. It was very informative, with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It was hardly a surprise that they attract dedicated quality professionals year on year. The team were a delight to meet and I knew I had certainly made the right decision.

Now I have been at the company for over three months (and believe me, that time has flown), I find it really important to reflect on my experience. I feel lucky to have found this consultancy role where they actively foster a quality culture. A place where I’m excited to go to work each day and which also offers the flexibility and variety that I need.

I’m proud to be part of such a wonderful and vibrant team that are full of energy and ambition. I know for sure I will never be bored in this role. I know I can make a difference and that the opportunities are plentiful. It is really important to me, and as it transpires to Quality Context, that our values are aligned.

Now that I am entering the final stages of my QP training, I not only have the pleasure of working alongside the company director and lead QP, Kate Krachai, but I am also benefiting from her extensive experience and knowledge in the field. Through the support Kate has provided, I have gained so many valuable insights in such a short period of time. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor. Hopefully, with all the amazing support I have received, it won’t be long until I’m penning my next blog about achieving my QP status…