13Nov 2017

Earlier this month, Quality Context raised almost £5,000 for its nominated charity, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, through ticket sales for our annual training conference. The event, now in its third year, was held at the legendary Crucible Theatre in Sheffield and focussed on the world of medical devices. With Sheffield’s rich heritage in manufacturing, we thought […]

24Oct 2017

Data integrity and the use of technology is under scrutiny now more than ever. In recent years, it has really entered the limelight. I am sure many quality professionals will tell you they’ve had sleepless nights before inspections thinking about this very topic. There is an abundance of case studies out there regarding falsified data. […]

24Jul 2017

On Thursday 6th July, three representatives from Quality Context (Debbie, Craig and Hannah) and three from Counter Context (May, Rachel and Tom) proudly volunteered at the Sheffield Sharks Respect Tournament, as part of our recently announced sponsorship deal. The Respect Tournament marks the end of the annual Respect Programme which reaches over 600 young people […]

13Jul 2017

Ask most business leaders what they lie awake at night and think about and I suspect most will answer customers, sales and cash flow. I wonder how many toss and turn worrying about suppliers. Get the right supply chain and it can supercharge your products and your business. Get it wrong and your entire world […]

05Jun 2017

We are delighted to announce that we’ve scored an exciting sponsorship deal with the Sheffield Sharks, becoming partners of the community development ‘Respect’ programme, along with our sister company, Counter Context. We launched the sponsorship earlier this month when we brushed up on our basketball skills with an exclusive lesson from Sharks’ player, Zach Gachette and […]

23May 2017

Everyone knows the story of the Challenger Space Shuttle tragedy. On January 28 1986, the space shuttle exploded 73 seconds after lift-off. This sadly led to the deaths of seven astronauts which rippled across the world. The Rogers Commission was set up to investigate the root cause of the explosion. The investigation findings went much […]